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    JOURNIE Rewards

    Rewarding for dealers and customers alike.

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    Increased Visits

    Increased Visits

    More Fuel Sales

    More Fuel Sales

    Bigger Spends

    Bigger Spends

    Rewards programs like JOURNIE Rewards keep our highest value audience coming back for more. These customers buy more fuel, spend more in ON the RUN stores, and visit us about 35 times a year.

    Get Points

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    2 Points / $1

    Members earn two points for every dollar spent in-store incentivizing them to shop

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    1 Point / Litre

    JOURNIE members earn one point per litre every time they refuel with us

    Get Rewards

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    In-Store Rewards

    Members get giveaways to pick up in-store each time they reach 75 and 150 points

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    7¢/L Fuel Discount

    At 300 points, members earn a 7¢/L fuel discount which they can apply directly to their next fuel purchase

    Dividend Cash Back

    You also benefit from strong national marketing campaigns, a partnership with CIBC, and support and ongoing JOURNIE promotions and program enhancements.

    Learn More
    The Journie rewards app
    Want to learn more about the JOURNIE app? There’s nothing like downloading it to see how it works.
    Download the Journie App:

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    Brands and Partnerships

    ON the RUN has partnered with some amazing brands providing delicious meals on the go, delivery services, quality fuels, and more.

    Ready to go?

    It's an easy process to become an ON the RUN dealer. Fill out an application form to get the ball rolling.