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    Owning your ON the RUN Store:

    the benefits add up

    Owning an ON the RUN dealership means working with an amazing group of friendly and talented people dedicated to your success. But it’s more than that. As a company, Parkland offers many financial benefits that will help your business thrive.

    get off to a
    flying start.

    To help you get up and running, you’ll pay no fees upfront, and we’ll help you plan a successful grand opening event. We also offer a Parkland-led option, which is an easy, streamlined approach for the new ON the RUN dealer.

    keep the momentum going.

    Down the road, there are no monthly fees or royalties to pay. You’ll also enjoy Parkland’s preferred pricing on all merchandise, while our integrated back-office system will optimize your inventory and day-to-day operations.


    Pay fewer fees, earn more profits.

    When you become an ON the RUN dealer, you pay far fewer fees than you would as a franchisee. Check out this comparison between ON the RUN and a typical franchise operation.

    ON the RUN simply offers more to our dealers than the competition.

    OTR Dealer Program
    Typical C-Store Franchise
    National Advertising & Marketing Promos
    Merchandising Support
    On-Going Operational Support
    Access to Private Label Brands
    Corporate Pricing on Merchandise
    Corporate Pricing on Tobacco & Alcohol
    Flexible Merchandising Options with Bonus Structure
    Turnkey Conversion Option
    No Upfront Fees
    No Royalties or Monthly Fees

    Dealer vs. Franchisee: Greater flexibility and fewer fees.

    A dealership provides more flexibility than a franchise model. As a dealer, you can largely operate your business as you wish with the benefit of strong brand recognition, national marketing campaigns, training support, and corporate pricing on the bulk of your merchandise. The franchise model employs strict guidelines on every aspect of the business. Being a franchisee works well if you are comfortable with a high level of corporate involvement in your operations.


    • More Flexibility
    • Corporate Bulk Pricing
    • Training Support


    • Strict Guidelines
    • Pre-determined product lines
    • High level of corporate involvement

    Training and Support:
    Setting you up for success

    As a new ON the RUN dealer, you get learning sessions on a range of topics. These include merchandising best practices, promotions and drop shipment programs, Cargo and 59th Street - Parkland’s private labels, loyalty and mystery shop programs, plus maximizing the effectiveness of point-of-sale and back-office systems. All ways to support your success.
    Once you are up and running, in-person training and Learning Management System (LMS) modules will be available. These will help you with staff onboarding and with keeping up-to-date on new systems and tools.


    There’s lots to like about joining ON the RUN.

    Did you know we also offer a wide range of exclusive house and national brands?

    Ready to go?

    It's an easy process to become an ON the RUN dealer. Fill out an application form to get the ball rolling.